How to Achieve Real Freedom?

We have many 'Alert Signs' throughout our lives - every second of every minute.

They Come and go continuously as we go.

Most of the time we just ignore them - and every time we do, we send a signal to the world:

"we don't need your advice - but 'thanks'".

Buddha calmness

In fact, every time we do that, we actually ignore our own intuition - our

 inner compass that is trying to make us choose the right path for us - the path the we align with, we connect to - This is the same path that connects perfectly and harmoniously to our own frequencies.

When we are on the accurate path for us, we feel calm, happy, satisfied.


"Living with Joy"

On the other hand, each time we ignore a Sign from our Inner Self - and continue on the wrong path - we lead to an Escalation of the first warning - it won't go away, but just the opposite. It will come back again in a louder fashion.

It will come back over and over again, in different ways, until we learn to change our mind's perspective.

§ It is our Inner-Compass and Guide §


As we learn to shift our perspective - we understand more and more that Life is not about Doing - It's about Being

So How can I BE more present?


How do I find meaning in life?

Everything we choose to do in life serves some purpose to us. Our system of beliefs is psychologically built to find purpose - The stronger our sense of purpose is, the more likely we are to accomplish what we are set out to do.

I very much recommend you to read the book "Man's Search For Meaning" by Viktor Frankl.

Frenkel was a holocaust survivor and he had survived the death camps of Poland in the second world war.

He wrote a few books and developed a therapy method called Logotherapy, in which he reflects and explains the concept of human being's need to search for a life meaning as a central motivational force. He explains in the book how meaningful this was in his life during his time in the camps and how it actually saved his life to have this meaning.

In order to find the true meaning that drives us in this life we first need to have a strong sense of clarity and direction.

Following this, we will find and release our Intention onto the world.

These deep questions would lead the path of our self discovery:

Clarity and Direction:

What are we trying to achieve?

Our meaning - Our WHY:WHY

Why are we looking to do what we do?

What is our Fuel and Drive: What is driving us to do it?

Once we answer these questions in a very deep manner, we are able to build a solid foundation to grow from.

Another reason it's very important to have this solid ground to start from, is because when we do things out of a "whatever" approach, "I'll try", "let's see how it goes", "I'm not sure it's gonna work" and all the 'relatives' of this approach - we doom ourselves to Failure.


So take your time and figure out what is YOUR meaning?

What is it that YOU came to give the world?

What do you have to give? to contribute?

At the end of the day, the further we develop and grow, the more we understand we are here to serve others, we reap all the benefits and grow the best when we give to others, when we help, when we are in a thankful state of mind.

Appreciate your life,

Appreciate what you have,

Appreciate what YOU ARE.

And you're already well on your way to your true born FREEDOM